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FE Access modules

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Biology (Health Professions pathway) FEA-BIOLOGY Module
Certificate in Counselling (Level 3) CERT-COUNSELLING Module
Chemistry (Health Science Pathway) FEA-CHEMISTRY Module
Computing (Computing pathway) FEA-COMPUTING Module
Criminology (Law pathway) FEA-CRIMINOLOGY Module
Diploma in Counselling (Level 4) DIP-COUNSELLING Module
Education Studies (Education pathway) FEA-EDUCATIONSTUDIES Module
English Language (Education pathway) FEA-ENGLISHLANGUAGE Module
Health Psychology (Health Professions pathway) FEA-HEALTHPSYCHOLOGY Module
History (Education pathway) FEA-HISTORY Module
Law FEA-LAW Module
Maths (Science pathway) FEA-MATHS Module
Maths in a Health Care context (Health professions pathway) FEA-MATHSINAHEALTHCARECONTEXT Module
Physics (Health Science/Science pathway) FEA-PHYSICS Module
Psychology (Law/Social Science pathway) FEA-PSYCHOLOGY Module
Social Policy (Social Science/Social Work) FEA-SOCIALPOLICY Module
Sociology (Social Science/Social Work pathway) FEA-SOCIOLOGY Module
Study Skills (all pathways) FEA-STUDYSKILLS Module

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