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Abnormal Psychology 5PS512-UDOL Module
Additive Manufacturing Applications 7TE517-UDOL Module
Additive Manufacturing Processes 7TE515-UDOL Module
Advanced Concepts in Palliative Care 6NU545-UDOL Module
Advanced Integrative Practice 7NU533-UDOL Module
Advanced Materials Science 7ME535-UDOL Module
Advanced Qualitative Methods 7PS523-UDOL Module
Advanced Security Protocols 7CS081-UDOL Module
Analysis of Business Data 5BM500-UDOL Module
Analytics Ethics Trust & Governance 7CS517-UDOL Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Operating Department Practice 1 4OD504-UDOL Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Operating Department Practice 2 5OD502-UDOL Module
Applied Interventions (UK) 7EV532-UDOL Module
Applied Management 5LO510-UDOL Module
Applied Performance Psychology 6PS545-UDOL Module
Applied Project Management 5IM513-UDOL Module
Applied Research Project 6IM995-UDOL Module
Approaches in Ergonomics 7PS511-UDOL Module
Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management 6NU520-UDOL Module
Audiences and Audience Development [Online] 7HY509-UDOL Module
Autism, Asperger's and ADHD 6PS523-UDOL Module
Biological and Cognitive Approaches in Psychology 7PS544-UDOL Module
Biological Bases of Behaviour 7PS500-UDOL Module
Brain Behaviour and Human Development 5PS513-UDOL Module
Business Analytics 7CS512-UDOL Module
Business Finance 5AG522-UDOL Module
Business Impact Project 6IM512-UDOL Module
Business Management and Regulations 4ME531-UDOL Module
Business Psychology 6BM500-UDOL Module
Business Research Methods and Data Analysis 7BM501-UDOL Module
Business Stakeholders and Society 4BM503-UDOL Module
Care of the Surgical Patient 6NU547-UDOL Module
Career Coaching and Mentoring 7HR530-UDOL Module
Child Protection [Online] 6EY601-UDOL Module
Civil Engineering Construction and Health and Safety 4HX512-UDOL Module
Civil Engineering Construction and Materials 4HX511-UDOL Module
Clinical Applications of Psychology 6PS525-UDOL Module
Coaching and Mentoring for Performance 5HR513-UDOL Module
Cognition, Behaviour and Performance 7PS501-UDOL Module
Cognitive Ergonomics and Psychology 7PS567-UDOL Module
Cognitive Processes and the Social World 5PS514-UDOL Module
Commodities Trading 7AG508-UDOL Module
Computing Technologies in Society 6CC544-UDOL Module
Concepts and Theories within Supervisory Practice 7CL530-UDOL Module
Consumer Behaviour 6MK506-UDOL Module
Contaminated Land & Remediation 7BY506-UDOL Module
Contemporary Approaches within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 6CL512-UDOL Module
Contemporary Issues in Psychology 6PS546-UDOL Module
Contemporary Reporting Issues 6AG536-UDOL Module
Contesting Childhood 6EY504-UDOL Module
Continuing Professional Development and Strategic Management (OL) 7ME524-UDOL Module
Corporate Finance 7AG504-UDOL Module
Corporate Financial Strategies 7AG506-UDOL Module
Corporate Responsibility and Professional Development 5ME537-UDOL Module
Counselling in Context 5CL500-UDOL Module
Counselling Skills 5CL501-UDOL Module
Critical Appraisal and Research Skills in Health 7NU575-UDOL Module
Critical Perspectives in Strategic Management and Leadership 7HR524-UDOL Module
Current Debates in Global Heritage 7HY508-UDOL Module
Curriculum Challenges 7PE545-UDOL Module
Curriculum Design & Development 7PE592-UDOL Module
Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking: An Introduction 6CC548-UDOL Module
Cyber Security and IoT 7CS526-UDOL Module
Database Development 7CS505-UDOL Module
Database Fundamentals 6CC546-UDOL Module
Databases 5CC541-UDOL Module
Design and Material Selection 7TE519-UDOL Module
Developing Anaesthetic Practice [Online] 5OD500-UDOL Module
Developing Competence and Capability 6NU551-UDOL Module
Developing Leadership Capacity 7PE550-UDOL Module
Developing Scrub and Circulating Practice [Online] 5OD501-UDOL Module
Developing Strategies and Skills for Professional Doctoral Research and Study 7EU502-UDOL Module
Diabetes 6NU521-UDOL Module
Dissertation 7BM997-UDOL Module
Distributed Applications and Web Services 6CC545-UDOL Module
Ecology & Conservation 7EV543-UDOL Module
Economics for Management 4EC507-UDOL Module
Emerging Digital Trends 6CC532-UDOL Module
Emerging Digital Trends and Issues [Online] 6CC554-UDOL Module
English for Academic Purposes 3PE500-UDOL Module
Enterprise Networking and Security 7CS506-UDOL Module
Enterprise Security Management 7CS085-UDOL Module
Environmental Impact Assessment 7EV544-UDOL Module
Environmental Risk and Responsibility 7TE513-UDOL Module
Epidemiology and Statistics 7NU576-UDOL Module
Ergonomics and Design 7PS512-UDOL Module
Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care Practice and Policy 7NU537-UDOL Module
Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care Practice and Policy 6NU503-UDOL Module
Ethics and Corporate Governance 7AG505-UDOL Module
Event Planning and Preparation 4ZZBBB-UDOL Module
Evidence Based Practice 7PE541-UDOL Module
Evidence Based Practice 6NU527-UDOL Module
Financial Analysis and Decision Making 5AG520-UDOL Module
Financial Dimension of Strategic Decisions 7AG520-UDOL Module
Financial Reporting (non-exam route) 6AG521-UDOL Module
Financial Statement Analysis 6AG512-UDOL Module
Financial Strategy 6AG522-UDOL Module
Financial Strategy 6AG525-UDOL Module
Fixed Income Securities 7AG509-UDOL Module
Flood Risk Engineering Management 7BU502-UDOL Module
Food Control 7EV551-UDOL Module
Forensic Applications of Psychology 6PS529-UDOL Module
Freshwater Management 7BY507-UDOL Module
From Manager to Leader 4ZZCBR-UDOL Module
Fundamentals of Ergonomics and Human Factors 7PS568-UDOL Module
Global Business Environment 6BM501-UDOL Module
Global Environmental and Public Health Issues 7EV525-UDOL Module
Global Resource Management 7EV545-UDOL Module
Global Strategic Operations, Markets and Resources 7BM500-UDOL Module
Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics 7LO516-UDOL Module
Global Talent Management 6HR512-UDOL Module
Hazard and Risk Management 7EV536-UDOL Module
Health Economics 7NU572-UDOL Module
Health Promotion and Behaviour Change 7PS521-UDOL Module
Health Protection 7NU577-UDOL Module
Heritage Management, Funding and Marketing 7HY506-UDOL Module
Hospitality Management: Theories in Practices 5HO520-UDOL Module
Human & Legal Aspects of Cyber Security 7CS525-UDOL Module
Human Behaviour and Health 7PS513-UDOL Module
Human Resource Management 4HR502-UDOL Module
Inclusive Practice 7PE594-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarly Activity 7EV995-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarly Activity 7EL995-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarship (Computing and IT) 7CS996-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarship (Technology)(OL) 7ME525-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarship - Hospitality 7HO997-UDOL Module
Independent Scholarship - MPH 7NU997-UDOL Course
Independent Scholarship in Ergonomics 7PS994-UDOL Module
Independent Study 6NU995-UDOL Module
Independent Study 7PE991-UDOL Module
Independent Study 7IM998-UDOL Module
Independent Study 6IM997-UDOL Module
Individual Differences 7PS502-UDOL Module
Infection Prevention and Control 6NU548-UDOL Module
Ingress and Egress 4ZZBBA-UDOL Module
Innovation in Marketing 7MK523-UDOL Module
Innovative 21st Century Teaching 7PE554-UDOL Module
Innovative Operations Management 5LO509-UDOL Module
Integrated Business Management 7TM505-UDOL Module
Integrated Theory and Practice for Assistant Practitioners 4NU511-UDOL Module
Integrating Practices 6CL513-UDOL Module
International Business Strategies 7EC508-UDOL Module
International Business Strategies 7EC511-UDOL Module
International Environmental Policy & Law 7EV546-UDOL Module
International Finance 7AG515-UDOL Module
Internet of Things: An Introduction 6CC551-UDOL Module
Introduction to Biological Psychology 4PS507-UDOL Module
Introduction to Biological Psychology 4PS527-UDOL Module
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 4PS528-UDOL Module
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 4PS508-UDOL Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology 4PS529-UDOL Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology 4PS509-UDOL Module
Introduction to Exercise Psychology 4PS525-UDOL Module
Introduction to Health Promotion and Health Improvement 7NU512-UDOL Module
Introduction to Marketing 4MK515-UDOL Module
Introduction to Maths in Preparation for Higher Education 3PE502-UDOL Module
Introduction to Perspectives in Psychology 7PS543-UDOL Module
Introduction to Social Psychology 4PS510-UDOL Module
Introduction to Social Psychology 4PS530-UDOL Module
Introduction to Sport Psychology 4PS524-UDOL Module
Investigations and Analysis 7PS503-UDOL Module
Investing and Financial Markets Behaviour 6EC505-UDOL Module
Investment Banking 7AG511-UDOL Module
Issues and Debates in Supervisory Practice 7CL531-UDOL Module
IT Project management 7CS507-UDOL Module
Language and Literacy Development 6PS547-UDOL Module
Language Learning Theory and Practice 7PE548-UDOL Module
Leadership and Management in Context 6HO519-UDOL Module
Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care 6HC507-UDOL Module
Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care 6EY502-UDOL Module
Leadership in Health and Social Care 7NU540-UDOL Module
Leadership Skills in Health and Social Care 5HC512-UDOL Module
Living with Long Term Illness 7PS524-UDOL Module
Low Carbon Energy Use and Management 7EV547-UDOL Module
Macroeconomics 5EC508-UDOL Module
Management Accounting - Performance Evaluation 6AG523-UDOL Module
Management and Leadership 4HR504-UDOL Module
Management and Leadership - Challenges and Practice 6BM502-UDOL Module
Management and Organisational Behaviour 5BM501-UDOL Module
Management for an Integrative Health and Social Care Workforce 7NU541-UDOL Module
Management Research Methods 5BM503-UDOL Module
Management Research Methods 5BM502-UDOL Module
Management Research Project 6HO520-UDOL Module
Management Theory and Practice 4BM502-UDOL Module
Management, Business and Society 4BM501-UDOL Module
Managing Cultural Issues in Service Delivery 6HO521-UDOL Module
Managing Service Quality 6HO522-UDOL Module
Managing the Acutely Ill Patient 6NU550-UDOL Module
Managing the International Hospitality Service Experience 7HO502-UDOL Module
Masterly Academic Practice 7PE540-UDOL Module
Masters Research Project 7PS999-UDOL Module
Measuring and Evaluating Learning 7PE544-UDOL Module
Mergers and Acquisitions 7AG514-UDOL Module
Minor Injuries 6NU518-UDOL Module
Natural and Residential Environments 7EV535-UDOL Module
Natural Language Processing 7CS518-UDOL Module
nD BIM - Costing, Project Planning and Design Management 7AZ506-UDOL Module
Negotiated Advanced Technical Module 7TE512-UDOL Module
Negotiated Module 6NU506-UDOL Module
Negotiated Module 7NU543-UDOL Module
Negotiated Module Engineering Management 7ME506-UDOL Module
Negotiated Technical Module (Commercial and Technical Leadership) (OL) 7ME527-UDOL Module
Negotiated Technical Module (Environmental and Ethical Responsibility) 7ME528-UDOL Module
Negotiated Technical Module (Problem Solving and Innovation in Technology) 7TE520-UDOL Module
Network Management and Security 6CC547-UDOL Module
Neuropsychology 6PS530-UDOL Module
Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation 7CS508-UDOL Module
Operations and Project Management 7HO503-UDOL Module
Organisational Psychology 7PS514-UDOL Module
Partnerships in Dementia Care 7NU545-UDOL Module
Partnerships in Dementia Care 6NU537-UDOL Module
Patient Care Concepts 4OD505-UDOL Module
Personal and Professional Development for Assistant Practitioners [Online] 4NU518-UDOL Module
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills for Crowd Management Professionals 4ZZCBQ-UDOL Module
Physical Characteristics and Ergonomics 7PS515-UDOL Module
Pollution Assessment & Remediation 7EV548-UDOL Module
Positive Psychology 6PS548-UDOL Module
Preparing for Research and Evidence Based Practice 6HC508-UDOL Module
Principles in Post Anaesthetic Care 5OD504 Module
Principles of Accounting and Finance 4AG508-UDOL Module
Principles of Anaesthetic Practice 6OD505-UDOL Module
Principles of Anaesthetic Practice 4OD502-UDOL Module
Principles of English Language Teaching 7PE547-UDOL Module
Principles of Scrub and Circulating Practice 4OD501-UDOL Module
Processing Big Data 7CS516-UDOL Module
Professional Development for Success 5HO521-UDOL Module
Professional Development in Health and Social Care 5NU504-UDOL Module
Professional Issues in Environmental Health 7EV537-UDOL Module
Professional Review 6BM504-UDOL Module
Professional Skills in Health Psychology 7PS525-UDOL Module
Project Planning Value Engineering and Risk Management 7BU504-UDOL Module
Promoting Health and Independence [Online] 4NU514-UDOL Module
Providing and Monitoring Care [Online] 4NU519-UDOL Module
Psychological Approaches to Behaviour Change 7NU574-UDOL Module
Psychology and Human Performance 7PS526-UDOL Module
Psychology in Education 6PS526-UDOL Module
Psychology in Practice (Residential) 5PS520-UDOL Module
Psychology Literature Review Project 6PS520-UDOL Module
Psychology of Health and Illness 7PS520-UDOL Module
Psychology Research Project 6PS519-UDOL Module
Psychology: Traditions and Skills 4PS511-UDOL Module
Psychology: Traditions and Skills 4PS531-UDOL Module
Public Health and Health Improvement 7NU566-UDOL Module
Public Health and Wellbeing 7EV533-UDOL Module
Public Health: UK and International Perspectives 6NU519-UDOL Module
Public Health: UK and International Perspectives 7NU546-UDOL Module
Quality Leadership and Management 7PE549-UDOL Module
Quantitative Methods & Individual Differences 5PS517-UDOL Module
Quantitative Methods in Health Psychology 7PS537-UDOL Module
Quantity Surveying Practice and Personal Development 5HX511-UDOL Module
Quantity Surveying Practice and Personal Development 5HX521-UDOL Module
Relationships Informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 6CL514-UDOL Module
Research and Evidence in Practice 6HC511-UDOL Module
Research Informed Practice 7PE593-UDOL Module
Research Methodologies 7TM506-UDOL Module
Research Methods 6AG528-UDOL Module
Research Methods 7AG507-UDOL Module
Research Methods and Analysis in Psychology 4PS532-UDOL Module
Research Methods and Analysis in Psychology 4PS512-UDOL Module
Research Methods in Integrative Health and Social Care 7NU547-UDOL Module
Research Methods, Application and Evaluation 7TE510-UDOL Module
Research Project 6CC552-UDOL Module
Research Project (Diploma Exit) 7PS505-UDOL Module
Research Project in Health Psychology 7PS992-UDOL Module
Researching and Reporting 5HO522-UDOL Module
Risk Management 6AG526-UDOL Module
Risk Management in a Global Context 7BM502-UDOL Module
Sales and Marketing 4MK516-UDOL Module
Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age 5MK518-UDOL Module
Science and Pharmacology for ODP 4OD503-UDOL Module
Securing Networks 7CS093-UDOL Module
Security Attacks and Countermeasures 7CS513-UDOL Module
Skills in Supervisory Practice 7CL529-UDOL Module
Social and Developmental Psychology 7PS506-UDOL Module
Social Consequences of Dementia Care 6NU538-UDOL Module
Social Consequences of Dementia Care 7NU549-UDOL Module
Software Engineering: Creating Quality Products 6CC550-UDOL Module
Software Systems Engineering 7CS531-UDOL Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology 5PS538-UDOL Module
Statistical Techniques [Online] 7MA505-UDOL Module
Strategic and Financial Performance Management 7AG513-UDOL Module
Strategic Directions 7TM507-UDOL Module
Strategic Finance for Managers 7AG503-UDOL Module
Strategic Hospitality Operations Management 6HO523-UDOL Module
Strategic Information and Knowledge Management 7EC509-UDOL Module
Strategic Leadership & People Management 7HR517-UDOL Module
Strategic Management 6AG527-UDOL Module
Strategic Management 6BM503-UDOL Module
Strategic Marketing and Competitive Intelligence 7MK513-UDOL Module
Strategic Marketing Management 6MK517-UDOL Module
Strategic Talent Development 7HR533-UDOL Module
Strategy and Leadership 6IM513-UDOL Module
Strategy Formulation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 7BM505-UDOL Module
Strategy in the Global Marketplace 6BM505-UDOL Module
Study Skills for Higher Education 3PE501-UDOL Module
Studying At Master's Level & Research Methods 7CS509-UDOL Module
Sustainable Business Management 7EV549-UDOL Module
Sustainable Construction Methods and Materials 7BU505-UDOL Module
Systems and Ergonomics 7PS516-UDOL Module
The Health Impacts of Workplace and Food 7EV534-UDOL Module
The Individual in Psychology: Qualitative Understandings 5PS518-UDOL Module
The Politics of History 7HY504-UDOL Module
The Psychology of Health 6PS538-UDOL Module
The Psychology of Pain 6PS532-UDOL Module
The Social Landscape 6HC509-UDOL Module
Theories of Therapeutic Interventions 5CL502-UDOL Module
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Reasoning 6NU511-UDOL Module
Tools for Delivering Solutions to Environmental Problems 7EV550-UDOL Module
Transforming Personal Skills 7HR529-UDOL Module
Transport and Infrastructure Engineering and Sustainable Design 7BU506-UDOL Module
UDOL Curation and Conservation in the Digital Age 7HY507-UDOL Module
UDOL Educating in Health and Social Care 6HC514-UDOL Module
UDOL Independent Project 7NU996-UDOL Module
UDOL Strategic Execution, Management & Leadership 7BM504-UDOL Module
UDOL Strategic Risk Management 7BM506-UDOL Module
Understanding Physical Health Conditions 4HC511-UDOL Module
Ways of Knowing 4HC512-UDOL Module
Web Development: Creating Effective Applications 6CC549-UDOL Module
Web Technologies 7CS510-UDOL Module
Work Based Project 4NU515-UDOL Module
Work Based Review 4IM514-UDOL Module
Working and Learning in ODP 6OD504-UDOL Module
Working and Learning in Operating Department Practice [Online] 4OD500-UDOL Module
Working and Learning: Reflective Practice in Action 5HR514-UDOL Module
Working with People 4HC513-UDOL Module
Working with People with Distress and Disorder 6CL515-UDOL Module
Working with Vulnerable People 6HC510-UDOL Module

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