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Name Code Type
Advanced Methods in Zoology 6BY509 Module
Analysing Sports Performance 6BY511 Module
Analytical Methods for Ecologists 7BY500 Module
Anatomy and Physiology 4BY516 Module
Animal Biology 4BY517 Module
Animal Interactions, law and ethics 6BY521 Module
Applied Animal Nutrition 5BY527 Module
Applied Entomology 6BY510 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise 6SO506 Module
Behavioural Ecology 6BY502 Module
Bio-Innovation 6BY516 Module
Biological Basis of Animal Behaviour 5BY503 Module
Biological Science Block Credit Study Abroad 1 5BY504 Module
Biological Science Block Credit Study Abroad 2 5BY505 Module
Biological Science Block Credit Study Abroad 3 5BY506 Module
Biomedical and Public Health Education 7BH503 Module
Biomedical Biotechnology 7BH502 Module
Biomedical Professional Practice 5BY533 Module
Canine and Feline Science 6BY522 Module
Cell Signalling in Health & Disease 6BH501 Module
Cell Signalling in Health and Disease 7BH509 Module
Chemistry of Life 4BY508 Module
Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases 7BH506 Module
Concepts of Human Health and Wellbeing 4BH500 Module
Conservation Biology in principle and Practice 7BY501 Module
Contaminated Land & Remediation 7BY506 Module
Continuing Work Experience in the Animal Management Sector 5BY531 Module
Creating and Managing Animal Training Programmes 6BY523 Module
Developments in Equine Science 6BY518 Module
Ecological Conservation 6BY513 Module
Ecological Surveying 7BY502 Module
Ecology 4BY503 Module
Employability for Equine 5BY526 Module
Equestrian Event Management and Marketing 5BY524 Module
Equestrian Practical Skills 4BY520 Module
Equine Disease & Disorders 5BY523 Module
Equine Exercise Physiology 6BY517 Module
Equine Nutrition 4BY519 Module
Equine Welfare Science 5BY522 Module
Essential Study Skills for Life-long Learning 4BY522 Module
Ethology of Domestic and Captive Animals 5BY530 Module
Evolution of Life 4BY504 Module
Field Biology 5BY510 Module
Freshwater Management 7BY507 Module
Frontiers of Zoo Biology 4BY530 Module
Genetics 4BY505 Module
Habitat Management 6BY503 Module
Health of Global Populations 5BH502 Module
Human Biology 4BY506 Module
Human Physiology and Disease 5BY511 Module
Human Reproduction 5BY520 Module
Identification for Conservation Biology 7BY504 Module
Independent Animal Research Project 6BY524 Module
Independent Research and Professional Development 5BY534 Module
Independent Scholarly Activity in Conservation, Biology and Ecosystems 7BY999 Module
Independent Studies for Biological Science 6BY995 Module
Induction Module 4BY523 Module
Induction Module 4BY515 Module
Introduction to Animal Anatomy and Physiology 4BY526 Module
Introduction to Animal Health and Welfare 4BY525 Module
Introduction to Work Experience in the Animal Management Sector 4BY528 Module
Introduction to Work Experience in the Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Sector 4BY531 Module
Invasion of the Land 4BY507 Module
Invertebrates 5BY515 Module
Microbiology 5BY512 Module
Molecular Biology 5BY509 Module
Natural History and Comparative Anatomy of Exotic Mammals 5BY529 Module
Oncology and Immunology 6BY505 Module
Organisms and their Environments 3BY500 Module
Pedagogy and Sport 6SO508 Module
Planning and Managing Animal Breeding Programmes 5BY528 Module
Practical Training-based Placement Module 7BY505 Module
Practitioner Training-Based Placement Module 7BY508 Module
Principles of Animal Biology 4BY527 Module
Principles of Animal Husbandry 4BY524 Module
Principles of Ecology and Biodiversity 4BY532 Module
Rainforests, Deserts and Oceans 5BY513 Module
Research Methods 5BY535 Module
Research Methods and Scientific Communication 5BY532 Module
Research Methods in Human Biology 4BY514 Module
Research Project 6BY519 Module
Riding and Training Horses 5BY525 Module
Science Communication 6BY506 Module
Setting up a Successful Animal Business Enterprise 6BY525 Module
Society and Human Health 7BH501 Module
Society and Human Health 6BH500 Module
Student Initiated Module SIM 6BY526 Module
Study Skills 4BY521 Module
Studying at University: Induction Module 4BY513 Module
The Cell 5BY514 Module
The Human Genome 6BY504 Module
Training and Developing Horses 6BY520 Module
Translational Oncology 7BH505 Module
Tropical Conservation Biology 7BY503 Module
Tropical Marine Biology 6BY514 Module
Vertebrate Biology 5BY516 Module
Vocational Module 6BY507 Module
Wild Animal Veterinary Sciences 6BY528 Module
Wildlife Conservation 6BY508 Module
Yard Management 4BY518 Module

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