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Name Code Type
Analytical Chemistry 5FO500 Module
Crime Scene to Court 5FO501 Module
Forensic Analysis 5FO502 Module
Forensic Anthropology 5FO503 Module
Forensic Imaging 5FO504 Module
Foundation in Forensic Science 3FO500 Module
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology 3FO501 Module
Independent Studies for Forensic Science 6FO999 Module
Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation 4FO500 Module
Introduction to Forensic Chemistry 4FO501 Module
Introduction to Forensic Science 4FO502 Module
Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice for Forensic Science 4FO503 Module
Medical Forensics 6FO501 Module
Miscarriages of Justice for Forensic Science 6FO504 Module
Preparing for Independent Research 5FO507 Module
Principles of Cellular Biology 3FO502 Module
Principles of Chemistry 3FO503 Module
Professional Practice 6FO502 Module
Serious and Organised Crime 6FO505 Module
Toxicology and Drugs Abuse 6FO503 Module
Trace Evidence 5FO505 Module
Wildlife crime and forensic entomology 5FO506 Module

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