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Name Code Type
Applied GIS 6EV500 Module
Career Preparation for Geographers 5GG512 Module
Cartography & Mapping 4GG500 Module
Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation perspectives 6GG501 Module
Culture, Place and Development 4GG506 Module
Development Management in the Voluntary Sector 6GG504 Module
Environment, Landscape & Place 6EV501 Module
Environmental Management: Critical Perspectives 6GG506 Module
Geographical Methods 4GG501 Module
Geography and Geographers 4GG507 Module
GIS and Disaster Management 7GG505 Module
Glacial Environments 5GL509 Module
Global Environmental Issues 4GG505 Module
Global Food Security and Food Futures 6GG502 Module
Independent Studies for Geoscience 6EV999 Module
Intellectual & Applied Skills for Geographers 4GG508 Module
Introduction to Human Geography 4GG502 Module
Mediterranean Environments 5EV503 Module
Migration and Displacement 6GG507 Module
Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Aid Response 7GG504 Module
Natural Disasters: Mitigation, Adaptation and Preparedness 7GG503 Module
Physical Geography of the Anthropocene 4EV502 Module
Preparing for Independent Study in Geoscience 5EV999 Module
Principles of Global Development 4GG503 Module
Project Design and Management in Global Development 5GG510 Module
Research Methods and Data Handling 3EV500 Module
Research Methods in Geography 5GG513 Module
Research Methods in Physical and Social Sciences 5GG503 Module
Social and Cultural Landscapes 5GG514 Module
Study Skills in Science 3EV501 Module
Sustainable Cities 5GG511 Module
Sustainable Energy Resources 5GG508 Module
Terrain Evaluation 6GL500 Module
Theories and Concepts of Development 5GG509 Module
Vocational Module 6EV502 Module
Water: Resource and Hazard 5EV504 Module

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