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Name Code Type
Advanced Petroleum Geology 7GL503 Module
Applied Environmental Hazards 6GL504 Module
Applied Sedimentology 5GL505 Module
Basin Analysis 6GL505 Module
Basin Analysis 7GL505 Module
Crustal evolution 6GL506 Module
Deformed Terrains 5GL504 Module
Earth Surface Processes and Environments 4GL502 Module
Economic Mineral Deposits 5GL507 Module
Engineering Geology 6GL503 Module
Environmental Hazards and Disasters 4GL503 Module
Foundations in Geoscience 3GL500 Module
Foundations in Physics 3GL501 Module
Fundamental Skills for Geoscientists 4GL500 Module
Geological and Commercial Risk 7GL502 Module
Geological Hazards Workshop 5GL508 Module
Geological Mapping and Applied Skills for Geoscientists 5GL501 Module
Imaging Earth's Surface and Subsurface 5GL503 Module
Petroleum Geology 7GL500 Module
Petroleum Techniques 7GL501 Module
Reconstructing Past Environments 6GL501 Module
Resource Geology 4GL505 Module
Rocks Minerals and Gemstones 4GL501 Module
Subsurface Analysis 7GL504 Module
The Stratigraphical Record 4GL504 Module
Volcanology and the Earth’s Interior 5GL502 Module

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