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Name Code Type
Addictive Behaviours 6PS500 Module
Advanced Psychological Research Methods in Context 7PS509 Module
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 7PS545 Module
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 7PS546 Module
Anomalistic psychology and parapsychology 5PS501 Module
Applied Behaviour Change Interventions 7PS528 Module
Applied Clinical Psychology 7PS554 Module
Applied Developmental Psychology in Context 7PS539 Module
Applied Psychology Research Project 6PS517 Module
Atypical Language Development 6PS502 Module
Autism, Asperger's and ADHD 6PS503 Module
Biological and Developmental Psychology 5PS534 Module
Clinical Applications of Psychology 6PS504 Module
Cognitive and Language Development in Learning: Assessment & Diagnosis 7PS548 Module
Contemporary Developmental Assessment Methods 7PS540 Module
Counselling Skills in Action 7PS552 Module
Cyberpsychology 5PS505 Module
Disorders & Psychopathology 7PS557 Module
Dissertation 7PS990 Module
Does Psychology Matter? 4PS501 Module
Does Psychology Matter? 5PS525 Module
Emotion in Context 6PS506 Module
Empirical Research Project 7PS993 Module
Environment & Behaviour 7PS531 Module
Ergonomics and Human Factors 7PS535 Module
Family Health Across The Lifespan 6PS542 Module
Forensic Applications of Psychology 6PS508 Module
Fundamentals of Applied Psychology 3PS502 Module
Fundamentals of Human Behaviour 3PS500 Module
Health Promotion and Behaviour Change 7PS508 Module
Human Behaviour and Evolution 6PS509 Module
Independent Study in Psychology 6PS541 Module
Introduction to Biological and Developmental Psychology 4PS521 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology and Research Methods 7PS538 Module
Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology 4PS520 Module
Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology 4PS533 Module
Introduction to Social and Cognitive Psychology 4PS522 Module
Living with Long Term Conditions 7PS517 Module
Negotiated Module 7PS542 Module
Neuropsychology 7PS555 Module
Neuropsychology 6PS510 Module
Occupational Health & Safety and Behaviour Change 7PS530 Module
Philosophical Psychology 5PS508 Module
Positive Psychology, Health and Wellbeing 7PS529 Module
Professional Skills in Health Psychology 7PS518 Module
Psychological Research in Practice 4PS503 Module
Psychology for Behaviour Change 6PS539 Module
Psychology for Behaviour Change 7PS563 Module
Psychology in Education 6PS505 Module
Psychology in the Modern World 4PS502 Module
Psychology Literature Review Project 6PS511 Module
Psychology of Health and Wellbeing 7PS507 Module
Psychology of Illness 7PS534 Module
Psychopathology: Diagnosis, Treatment and Issues 5PS500 Module
Psychopharmacology 7PS556 Module
Qualitative Methods: The Individual in Society 5PS536 Module
Qualitative Methods: The Individual in Society 5PS533 Module
Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods 7PS553 Module
Quantitative Methods and Individual Differences 5PS509 Module
Research and Evaluation 7PS532 Module
Research Project in Behaviour Change 7PS991 Module
Schizophrenia 6PS540 Module
School Context, Ethics & Legislation in Action 7PS551 Module
Skills and Careers in Psychology 1 4PS519 Module
Skills and Careers in Psychology 2 5PS532 Module
Social and Cognitive Psychology 5PS535 Module
Social and Emotional Development: Assessment & Diagnosis 7PS549 Module
Specific LD & Atypical Development: Assessment & Diagnosis 7PS550 Module
Systems Context 7PS536 Module
The Dark Side of Psychology 6PS513 Module
The Psychology of Health 5PS511 Module
The Psychology of Pain 6PS514 Module
The Psychology of Rationality 6PS515 Module
Theories and Models of Behaviour Change 7PS527 Module
Theories and Models of Development 7PS541 Module
Therapeutic Counselling Skills in Action 7PS562 Module
Work Placement 6PS537 Module

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