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Academic and Applied Skills for Sport and Exercise 4SO500 Module
Academic Skills 4SO522 Module
Advanced Athlete Testing and Assessment 6SO517 Module
Advanced Field Based Conditioning 6SO518 Module
Advanced Nutrition for Sport And Exercise 6SO510 Module
Advanced Performance Analysis 6SO522 Module
Advanced Research Methods 7SO502 Module
Advanced Sport and Exercise Physiology 7SO504 Module
Advanced Sport Management in Practice 1 5SO524 Module
Advanced Sport Management in Practice 2 5SO523 Module
Advanced Sport Psychology 7SO503 Module
Advanced Sports Coaching 6SO500 Module
Anatomical Foundations 4SO523 Module
Applied Biomechanics 6SO512 Module
Applied Coaching & Training 1 4SO517 Module
Applied Coaching & Training 2 5SO535 Module
Applied Exercise Psychology 5SO546 Module
Applied Movement Analysis 5SO531 Module
Applied Notational Analysis 5SO522 Module
Applied Physiology of Adventure Sport 6SO516 Module
Applied Professional Practice 5SO528 Module
Applied Rehabilitation and Risk Reduction 6SO511 Module
Applied Sport Business Management 5SO525 Module
Applied Sport Psychology 6SO501 Module
Applied Sports Physiology 6BY500 Module
Applied Sports Science 6SO513 Module
Applied Strength and Conditioning 6BY501 Module
Assistant Coach: Preparation and Planning 4SO519 Module
Athlete Testing and Assessment 5SO519 Module
Biomechanical Assessment for Sport and Exercise 5SO515 Module
Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise Injuries 5SO549 Module
Biomedical Implications of Exercise, Health and Activity 6SO502 Module
Child and Adolescent Development in Physical Education 4SO524 Module
Club Coach: Coaching Practice 4SO520 Module
Coaching and Skill Acquisition 4BY501 Module
Contemporary Issues in Professional Practice 5SO529 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport Management Development 6SO519 Module
Corrective Exercise Techniques 5SO520 Module
Developing Active Lifestyles 5SO540 Module
Exercise for Special Populations 5SO547 Module
Exercise Prescription (Health) 6SO507 Module
Field Based Conditioning 5SO521 Module
Foundation in Sport & Exercise 3SO500 Module
Head Coach: Managing the Coaching Environment 5SO537 Module
Independent Research 7SO999 Module
Independent Research Project 6SO997 Module
Independent Study 7SO998 Module
Independent Study for Sport and Exercise 6SO998 Module
Injury Rehabilitation for Sport & Exercise Science 5SO514 Module
Integrated Sport Science 1 4SO516 Module
Integrated Sport Science 2 5SO534 Module
International Public Health Nutrition 6SO515 Module
Introduction to Anatomy for Sport & Exercise 4SO509 Module
Introduction to Sport Management 4SO503 Module
Leadership in Action 5SO541 Module
Lifestyle and Behaviour Change 5SO517 Module
Management of Injuries 4SO530 Module
Managing Sport Events 6SO520 Module
Negotiated Module in Sport and Exercise 7SO500 Module
Nutrition and Metabolism for Sport and Exercise 5BY500 Module
Nutrition For Public Health 5SO518 Module
Nutritional Strategies 4SO528 Module
Physical Activity and Health 5SO548 Module
Physical Activity and Health 5SO501 Module
Physical Activity, Health and Education 5SO542 Module
Physiological Assessment for Sport, Exercise and Health 5BY501 Module
Planning for Sport 4SO512 Module
Practitioner Development in Applied Sport and Exercise Science 7SO501 Module
Principles and Practices of Physical Education 5SO545 Module
Principles of International Sport Business 4SO513 Module
Principles of Physical Activity, health and Nutrition 4SO510 Module
Principles Of Sport And Exercise Physiology 4SO508 Module
Principles of Sport and Exercise Psychology 4SO501 Module
Principles of Sports Biomechanics and Performance Analysis 4BY502 Module
Principles of Training for Health and Fitness 4SO529 Module
Professional Placement 1 - 4SO511 Module
Professional Placement 2 5SO516 Module
Professional Practice 6SO509 Module
Professional Practice: Current Issues 4SO525 Module
Professional Practice: Workplace Performance 5SO543 Module
Psychological Considerations for Physical Activity 4SO526 Module
Psychology of Sports Injury 5SO550 Module
Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology 5SO532 Module
Research Methods 5SO544 Module
Research Methods for Sport and Exercise 5SO502 Module
Senior Coach: Analysing and Performance 5SO538 Module
Sport and Exercise Injuries 4SO531 Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology 5SO503 Module
Sport Business Development and Entrepreneurship 5SO526 Module
Sport Management in Practice 1 4SO514 Module
Sport Management in Practice 2 4SO515 Module
Sport Project Management Operations 5SO527 Module
Sports Coaching, Teaching and Instruction 4SO527 Module
Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice 5SO504 Module
Sports Massage 5SO551 Module
Sports Training Principles 7SO505 Module
Strategic Management in Sport 6SO521 Module
Strength and Conditioning 5BY502 Module
The Apprentice Coach 2 5SO539 Module
The Apprentice…. Coach 4SO521 Module
Training and Performance 6SO525 Module
Vocational & Experiential Development 1 4SO518 Module
Vocational & Experiential Development 2 5SO536 Module

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