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Name Code Type
Adaptive Coaching Theory and Practice 6TL519 Module
Advanced Coaching Practice 6TL517 Module
Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Assessment: Spinal 6TL521 Module
Advanced Soft-tissue Skills and Clinical / Critical Thinking 6TL522 Module
Clinical Placement 6TL524 Module
Community Sport and Physical Activity Development 5TL525 Module
Elite Sports Development 6TL518 Module
Injury Biomechanics & Corrective Principles 5TL529 Module
Introduction to Sport and Injury Biomechanics 4TL526 Module
Introduction to Therapeutic Principles 4TL527 Module
Manual Therapy 5TL530 Module
Musculoskeletal Anatomy 4TL528 Module
Musculoskeletal Assessment: Peripheral 5TL531 Module
Principles and Practices of Training 5TL528 Module
Small Business Planning in Sport 5TL522 Module
Sport Development in Practice 5TL524 Module
Sports Coaching and Leadership 4TL524 Module
Sports Conditioning 6TL523 Module
Sports Massage 4TL529 Module
Sports Specific Rehabilitation 5TL532 Module
Sports Trauma Management 5TL533 Module
The Learning Coach: The Learning Approach 5TL523 Module

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